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Relocation of Hobbii's distribution center

Published Sep 7, 2020 by Stefan Andersen

Project Relocation of Distribution Center
Time Frame April 2020 - September 2020
Budget ~ 1.000.000 €

Spring 2020 Hobbii decided to move to a new warehouse facility withing a timeframe of 6 months from descision to cut-over.

The new warehouse of 10.000 sqm is built as a part of MG Park GDC located in the suburb Greve - part of Greater Copenhagen area.


The project started with data analyzing our current production, historical data and forecast of the business growth. Hobbii have at that time a growth rate of 3.167 % within the last 4 financial years.

As result of the data analyzis we forecasted the usage and demand storage locations which we used to plan the layout for pallet racking and picking shelves.

Due to the time constraint on the project we did choose to keep as many of our Standard Operations Procedures as is, since we already had a good production and it made us a bit more confident to do more of what we already knew.

I presented the plan for direction and the board for approval.


As part of the project I did all the procumerent of:


Project manager for following software projects

Other tasks

Moving the operation

We did start moving parts of our buffer inventory a couple of weeks before the cut-over day to be as ready as possible. We did stop the old warehouse shipments Thursday evening, moved rest of the invotory and started full production Monday morning.

We only lost around 4 days of production and we quickly ramped the production up to be at least the same as before the move.

Employee happiness

Since a relocation of 150 employees is a big thing, I did try to make a better work experience at the new warehouse; that included:

Vendors & solutions

I would gladly recommend theese vendors for great support and coorperation with our new warehouse:

Vendor Solution Reason
Delfi Labelprints & Packstation tablets Delfi provided us with expert knowledge and best practice for ADC equipment
Jungheinrich Pallet racking  
Jungheinrich Reach Trucks One only reach trucks designed for modern battery technology
Lexmark Printing We print 2 million delivery slips - so we needed stability and field serviceable printing solution
WiFi Kompagniet Network Infrastructure Pragmatic solution and 24/7 support
WFI Worktables Market leader in the europe for profesional work tables in warehousing